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Website Hosting

Not the most glamorous of blog posts but one that I wanted to transfer over from my business blog because it contains something special – a treat – for you!

When I set up my website I already owned the domain name but needed hosting and looking around decided upon DreamHost. While sorting out my hosting I also set up a promo code so that if I liked their service (which I did) and I wanted to recommend them to others (which I have) then they would get a bit of a discount.

The promo code is: jackdaw19

All one word, upper/lower case doesn’t matter and they prompt you for it while you are setting up and paying for the hosting – couldn’t be easier. In fact I only wish that I had known a code to use when I set my site up originally.

One year hosting on DreamHost costs $119.40 or $100 with the code (£74 to £62 ish). You also get a discount from $214.80 to $200 – not as much of a saving but that’s largely because I would recommend only doing a year at a time for small businesses because you never know what will happen and for individuals and businesses just getting started $200 is a lot to pay all at once.

I really like DreamHost. I’ve recommended them to a lot of people all of whom have told me that they are very happy with the service. It’s also something that I now know a little about having worked on several sites using them. So – please do feel free to use and share the Promo code but also I would like to know if you have any issues either with setting it up or afterwards.

Drop me a line in the comments here and I’ll do my best to help. After using DreamHost for so long I am pretty good at finding solutions and knowing where to ask for help if I haven’t come across the problem/solution myself.

A website, even something very basic can do wonders for small businesses and ventures. DreamHost is a simple, cheap and user-friendly way of getting started!